Her rise to fame, the fall and how she found healing

A dawn of a new day

Neema Ntalel talks to Judy Mumo about her rise to fame, her spectacular fall, and how she found healing and restoration.

When most people hear the name Neema Ntalel, the first thing that springs to their minds is “gospel singer” and “Kora award winner”. Sometimes, depending on who you are, it can also mean the scandal of a pregnancy out of wedlock and a miscarriage. Or, according to the rumour mills of the day, a convenient abortion.

However, not many know the story of despair, reckless living, suicidal thinking and the healing and restoration that make up the miracle that is Neema Ntalel today. When she won the Kora at just 19 years old, for her hit single Jiwe, Neema confesses she went “a little crazy”.Continue Reading..